Terms & Conditions

When enquiring with Dowie International Business Advisors regarding any business listed for sale the enquirer will be asked to sign and return an application form.  In doing so the enquirer agrees to abide by the set of standard terms and conditions before progressing the enquiry at all.   At Dowie International Business Advisors we take this non-negotiable precaution for the protection of our clients.

Upon submission of an enquiry the enquirer will be emailed (or sent) an application form together with the standard terms and conditions appropriate to the type of enquiry.

The terms and conditions may be summarised very broadly as follows:

  1. As the enquirer you warrant that you are responsible for obtaining your own independent legal, financial and taxation advice, and you acknowledge that you cannot rely on anything we say to constitute such;
  2. You consent to and comply with the terms of our privacy policy explained on our website at all time;
  3. You agree to keep any confidential information disclosed to you strictly confidential;
  4. You agree not to approach the vendor of the business in anyway without the written approval of Dowie International Business Advisors
  5. Where a customer of Dowie International Business Advisors has a business with a unique or innovative value proposition or intellectual property, you will refrain from using that, or completing directly with it; and
  6. You acknowledge that there are limitations in the role played by DIBA, including the fact that we rely upon the information our clients provide to us, and it is your responsibility to make your own enquiries.

If you are a client of ours using our business buyers’ agency or business sellers’ agency services, more substantial obligations apply to you, although the critical ones are still in line with the above summary.

You are welcome to obtain your own advice in relation to these before proceeding with us, and we encourage you to do so. The intention behind these is simply to protect our clients. If you have no intention of doing anything untoward, either now or in the future, our terms and conditions will never pose a problem for you.